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Jan 4Broken Resolve
Jan 8Never Say Die
Jan 11Recon
Jan 15Pile of Trouble
Jan 18Light the Fires
Jan 22Numb Paws
Jan 25Plan Y
Jan 29Pen Pals
Feb 1Feathers Ruffled
Feb 5Lost and Found
Feb 8Trespassing
Feb 12Code Violations
Feb 15Walk of Shame
Feb 19Charge!
Feb 22Story Time
Feb 26Regrets
Mar 1Betrayals
Mar 5Loose Threads
Mar 8Aerial Defence
Mar 12Wooden Knight Rising
Mar 15Loose Ends Tied
Mar 19Metrical Incantations
Mar 22Hasty Exit
Mar 26Smell Test
Mar 29Aquaphobia
Apr 2Demon’s Defence
Apr 5Burning Feelings
Apr 9Transformations
Apr 12Enter Snaggletooth
Apr 16Poor Example
Apr 19Parental Intervention
Apr 23Mostly Harmless
Apr 26Tough Ol’ Bruin
Apr 30The Weasleys
May 3Outing the Impostor
May 7Imposterity
May 10Palpable Excitement
May 14Implications
May 17Teddy Bear Smack-Down
May 21Get Jacked
May 24A Few Boards Short a Fort
May 28Benevolent Ruler
Jun 7Castle in the Clouds
Jun 11El Decorator
Jun 14Eenpersoonsmodus
Jun 18Falling Out
Jun 21Over the Edge
Jun 28High C
Jul 2To Sea! To Sea!
Jul 5Rods up!
Jul 9Play the Line
Jul 12Reduction
Jul 16Serpent Belly
Jul 19True Threats
Jul 23Holy Sock
Jul 26Darned Sock
Jul 30Calzina Who?
Aug 2Poetry Slam!
Aug 6Get Help
Aug 9Crushed
Aug 13Little Friend
Aug 16Wrath of the Green Potato Salad
Aug 20Benedict the Beastly
Aug 23Greedy Altruist
Aug 27Into the Lair
Aug 30The Dragon Awakes
Sep 3Technical Knockout
Sep 6The Coin that Broke the Donkey’s Back
Sep 10Quelle Fromage!
Sep 27New Guy
Oct 1Sudor Hircum
Oct 4Fatal Attraction
Oct 8Female-Identified
Oct 11Anti-Goat Antidote
Oct 15Mad Science
Oct 18Skree Indeed
Oct 22Love’s Labours Lost
Oct 25Tearing It Up
Oct 29Bad Breakup
Nov 1Permission
Nov 5Method and Madness
Nov 8Her Story
Nov 12Wait Limit
Nov 15It’s My Bag, Baby!
Nov 19Play House
Nov 22Passing the Time
Nov 26Tokens
Nov 29G-G-G-Genghis!
Dec 3Ghost and Christmas Pest
Dec 6Still Hemmed In
Dec 10Phantastic Expectations
Dec 13Good for the Gander
Dec 17Eggcellent Visions
Dec 20Bah, Humbug!
Dec 24Five Golden Rings!