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Jan 4Camelot
Jan 6Transformations
Jan 9Snow Fight
Jan 20Heights of Love
Jan 23Year of the Dragon
Jan 25All Hail the Dragon
Jan 27Philipuary
Jan 30The Imperial Schnoz
Feb 1Charity Starts at Home
Feb 3Snowballs
Feb 6Half-Baked Sale
Feb 8Share Square
Feb 10New Paths
Feb 13Pet Project
Feb 15Slime Selection
Feb 17One Last Thing
Feb 20Morphing Complete?
Feb 22Fight the Rainbow
Feb 24The Other Squire
Feb 27Relicgated
Feb 29Pursuing Options
Mar 2Reasonable Quest of Quests
Mar 5Quixotic Quest
Mar 7Quest Request
Mar 9Reach for the Top
Mar 12Sleazebag
Mar 14Trail Blazer
Mar 16Birds and the Bees
Mar 19Messy Business
Mar 21New Heights
Mar 23Gravity of the Situation
Mar 26Bitter and Sweet
Mar 28Dem’s the Rules
Mar 30Touching Reunion
Apr 2Security Measures
Apr 4The Ultimate Wolf Trap
Apr 6Exit Strategy
Apr 9New Record
Apr 11Checklist
Apr 13Crazy Talk
Apr 16Crisis of Conscience
Apr 18Heads Up!
Apr 20Pinocchio’s Nap
Apr 23Crazy Crafty
Apr 25Dem Bones
Apr 27Karma Kredits
Apr 30Go Fish
May 2Rules of the Road
May 4New Techniques
May 7Title Fight
May 9Turning Point
May 11Hecklers
May 14Missed Connection
May 16Shopping List
May 18Breath of Fresh Air
May 21Creative License
May 23Phobias
May 25Absent Disclaimer
May 28One Cannot
May 30Prone Beauty
Jun 1Intuitionistic Logic
Jun 4Fun and Games
Jun 6Hide and Hide
Jun 8Sunrise
Jun 11All In Favour
Jun 13Career Options
Jun 15Contest Results
Jun 18Teacher of the Year
Jun 20Dock of the Bay
Jun 22Moral Compass
Jun 25Lost in Thought
Jun 27The Call
Jun 29Precious Cargo
Jul 2Boat Envy
Jul 4Playing the Fool
Jul 6Efficiency
Jul 9Boot
Jul 11The Breakdown
Jul 13Compromising Positions
Jul 16Fool’s Gold
Jul 18Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag
Jul 25Relay for Lives
Jul 27Hera’s Bane
Jul 30Setbacks
Aug 2As Fast As You Can
Aug 7Javelin Throw
Aug 10Going W-Tell
Aug 14Embarrassments
Aug 17Unleashed Evils
Aug 21Preventative Measures
Aug 24Disturbances in the Force
Aug 28Bear Instincts
Aug 31Honey Cakes
Sep 4Fishing Lessons
Sep 7Compound Sentence
Sep 14Guilty and Charged
Sep 18Knock Knock Knocking
Sep 21Cookie D’oh
Sep 25Secret Entrance
Sep 28Safety Tim
Oct 2Dragon Rampage
Oct 5Plan C
Oct 9Judgment Day
Oct 12The Package Deal
Oct 16Quixotic Taunt
Oct 19Words of Wisdom
Oct 23Squash Racket
Oct 26Sassy Sal
Oct 30Vulnerabilities
Nov 2Going
Nov 6Runes & Heigh-Hos
Nov 9Emergency Action
Nov 13Forced Entry
Nov 16Bridge Experts
Nov 20Door-to-Door
Nov 23Bedtime Snack
Nov 27Breaking Dawn
Nov 30Headmaster’s Headache
Dec 4Thumetty thump thump
Dec 7New Tracks
Dec 11Like An Old Silk Hat
Dec 14Homeward
Dec 18Christmas Dinner
Dec 21Christmas Surprise