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Jan 10Score One for Shorty
Jan 17They Must Pay
Jan 24Naked Honour
Jan 30Eye Spy
Feb 6Complicated Cassocks
Feb 13One Little Piggy
Feb 27So Awesome
Mar 13The Misunderstanding
Mar 20The Diversion
Apr 3Feast of Souls
Apr 10Not Fair
Apr 17Perfectly Silent
Apr 24Motivation
May 1The Law
May 8Sticked to It
May 15The Epic Battle I
May 22The Epic Battle II
May 29Poor Pinocchio
Jun 5Stop Judging Me
Jun 12Not Fair
Jun 19Tough Cookie
Jun 26Hanging Out
Jul 3Escape Plan
Jul 10Taller
Jul 14Flight Lessons
Jul 17Heavenly Deliverance
Jul 21Slow Uptake
Jul 24Evening Up
Jul 28Up a Tree
Jul 31The Favour
Aug 11Girl Trap
Aug 14Used Clothes
Aug 18Long and Short of It
Aug 21Meet Your Maker
Aug 25Rub a Dub Dub
Sep 1Crumbling Resolve
Sep 4Family Reunion
Sep 8They’re Dead Gin
Sep 11Order of Operations
Sep 15The Secret Recipe
Sep 18The Kitchen Heats Up
Sep 22Pinned
Sep 25Not Dead Yet
Sep 29Little Lamb
Oct 2All Suited Up
Oct 6Nurse Red
Oct 13Ginger Takes Off
Oct 16Red Bullet
Oct 20Little Red Crazy-Hood
Oct 23Red’s Gran’
Oct 27Up a Tree
Oct 30Crazy Talk
Nov 3Still Crazy
Nov 6The Scream
Nov 10Shortbread
Nov 13So Delicious
Nov 17Hit The Ground Running
Nov 20That’s My Button
Nov 24The Past Catches Up
Nov 27Dropping In
Dec 1Rejected Cliché
Dec 4Reliable Insanity
Dec 8Eve of Destruction
Dec 11Chinny Chin Chin
Dec 15Failed Diplomacy
Dec 18Redshirts
Dec 22Wand Cleaning