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Jan 4Story Time
Jan 7Leading The Blind
Jan 11The Great Debate
Jan 14Nobody’s Happy
Jan 18Daisy Do
Jan 21Tea Time
Jan 25Getting Along
Jan 28Rain Check Mate
Feb 1Big Shot
Feb 4Fall From Grace
Feb 8Incapacitated
Feb 11Another Day in the Forest
Feb 15Snowboulder
Feb 18Big Pout
Feb 21Dem Bones
Feb 25Old-Fashioned
Mar 1Easy as Cake
Mar 4Plan B
Mar 8The Missing Ingredient
Mar 11Get Some Tail
Mar 15The Substitute
Mar 18Incantatrix Intolerance
Mar 22Prepped for Flight
Mar 25Talon in Mouth
Apr 19Star Performer
Apr 22New Heights
Apr 26Go Time
Apr 29Dee Madical Gove
May 3Allergic Reaction
May 6Ah-Ah-Ah-Choose You
May 10Gravity of the Situation
May 13What a Doll
May 17Lightened Load
May 20Ottadog
May 24Get Cracken
May 27Canine Instinct
May 31Noah’s Park
Jun 4The Black Death
Jun 7Paternal Instincts
Jun 10Oy Vey!
Jun 14Tavern Taboo
Jun 17Blind Ambition
Jun 21His Father’s Eyes
Jun 24The Princess and the Puddle
Jun 28Oh, The Majesty!
Jul 1The Movable Type
Jul 8Silent Please
Jul 12Vacation Time
Jul 22Daily Miracle
Aug 16What a Waste
Aug 19There Was An Old Woman
Aug 23Where the Son Don’t Shine
Aug 26Forking Funny
Aug 30Dropped Pie
Sep 2Stuff Goes Down
Sep 6The End
Sep 9Bees Knees
Sep 13For Picnic!
Sep 16What Army?
Sep 20Berry Embarrassing
Sep 23M.O.B.
Sep 27Change in the Air
Sep 302-0
Oct 4Pile Diving
Oct 7Flash Back
Oct 11The Important Things
Oct 14The Apple Thief
Oct 18Nitrogen Rich
Oct 21Plan ‘P’
Oct 25Just Desserts
Oct 28The Great Pumpkin
Oct 31Custard Casualty
Nov 2Cave of Wonders
Nov 4Obstruction on Bridge
Nov 7Into the Sunset
Nov 9Lost at Sea
Nov 11Whale! Greeeeyyy Whale!
Nov 14Just Kindling
Nov 16Burning Lies
Nov 18Whalin’
Nov 21Whale Tale
Nov 23The Black Knight
Nov 25Shelter From the Storm
Nov 26Holding On
Nov 27Hide and Seek
Nov 28In the Closet
Nov 29Aslan’s Call
Nov 30The Great Mediator
Dec 1Family Man
Dec 2Personal Development
Dec 5Troubled Bridge Over Water
Dec 7Escort Service
Dec 9Empty Hearts
Dec 12Endless Loop
Dec 14Reign of Sorrow
Dec 16The Thought Doesn’t Count
Dec 19The Loophole
Dec 21Joyful Bliss
Dec 23A Fowl Christmas