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The Coin that Broke the Donkey’s Back

Technical Knockout

ALWAYS check the ingredients.

The Dragon Awakes

Into the Lair


Greedy Altruist

Ayn Rand would be proud.

Benedict the Beastly

Wrath of the Green Potato Salad


Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

“It’s astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself into, if one works at it. And astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself out of, if one simply assumes that everything will, somehow or other, work out for the best.” ~ Neil Gaiman This week has been a trying one. PostScript will resume its […]

Prone Beauty


PostScript to Launch New Books in Chicago That’s right.  We’ll be at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, April 13-15, and we will have with us some shiny new books.  We have the Fourth Collection and a second edition of the First Collection hot off the presses, and they are more beautiful than all the […]

Dem’s the Rules

Reach for the Top

Quest Request

Quixotic Quest

Reasonable Quest of Quests

Pursuing Options


The Other Squire

Troubled Bridge Over Water