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Jan 5Night Fright
Jan 8Dropping In
Jan 12Too Honest
Jan 15Isn’t It Ironic?
Jan 19Phil’s Apology
Jan 22From Bad to Worse
Jan 26Seriously Dumb
Jan 28Oh Brother
Feb 2How Cruel
Feb 5Foolish Quasimodo
Feb 9Quest Request
Feb 12Heroic Decisions
Feb 16The Rabbit’s Trial
Feb 19Sweet Cheeks
Feb 23Double Agent
Feb 26Girl Trap II
Mar 2Some Great Reward
Mar 5At The River Styx
Mar 9Picnic Time
Mar 12Trouble in Teddy Land
Mar 16Unspeakable Crimes
Mar 19Them’s the Rules
Mar 23Who Brought the Soap?
Mar 26Call Me Theodore
Mar 30Plan of Attack
Apr 2The Rub In
Apr 6Rip-Roaring Fun
Apr 9Spirit Away
Apr 13Loose Ends
Apr 16The Road Less Traveled
Apr 20The Triumphant Return
Apr 23An Invitation
Apr 27Cup of Sugar
Apr 30New Rules
May 4Get Cracking
May 11Final Ingredient
May 11Banned Substance
May 25No Smoking Please
May 28Fighting Entry
Jun 1Default
Jun 4Secret Ingredient
Jun 11Great Fall
Jun 18Firewood
Jun 25Up a Tree
Jun 29Sweet Logic
Jul 2Sleeping Giant
Jul 6Tempting Fate
Jul 9Something Special
Jul 13Three’s a Crowd
Jul 16Riddle Me This
Jul 20Well Hung
Jul 23Resilience
Jul 27Best Behaviour
Jul 30Eye to Eye
Aug 3Glass Slipper
Aug 6Just Believe
Aug 10That Time of the Month
Aug 13Once Upon Three Piggies
Aug 17Idea Pig
Aug 20The Pigs Came Back
Aug 24Mooch
Aug 27New Pad
Aug 31Bachelor’s Pad
Sep 3At The Barricade
Sep 7Payment
Sep 10Stick It
Sep 14Hands-On
Sep 17Finally Gone?
Sep 21Family Matters
Sep 24Insistence Is Futile
Sep 28Morning After
Oct 1Pride After the Fall
Oct 5Breakfast of Champions
Oct 8Opportunity Knocks?
Oct 12Bag of Tricks
Oct 15Say Yes To The Dress
Oct 19Judgment Day
Oct 22Surprise End
Oct 26Take Three
Oct 29Team Work
Nov 2Whistle While You Work
Nov 5Spare Room
Nov 9Take a Hint
Nov 12Direct Hints
Nov 30A Plan Is Hatched
Dec 3Magic Carpet Ride
Dec 14See the World
Dec 17Final Arrangments
Dec 21Thirsty Work