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Universal Wooden Suffrage

Plea Bargain

Peeping Ted


Hypothetically Peeing


Ford’s Dream

Teddy Bear Smack-Down

Palpable Excitement


Berry Embarrassing

What Army?

Bees Knees

Poor Teddy – Print

$5.00 CAD

Some days are worse than others. Take in a good dose of pathos every time you look upon our poor little friend.

Loose Ends

Theodore Well, the little guy is officially part of the cast.  Check out the latest addition to the character profiles: Among Theodore’s sensitivities he does not like to be called ‘Teddy.’ While some may expect such a name would make him a sort of Chosen One, in reality the other teddy bears teased him about […]

Spirit Away

Rip-Roaring Fun

The Rub In

Plan of Attack

Call Me Theodore