The Merry Month of May

Dearest Readers,

It pains me to say that the PostScript update schedule in the month of May might be a wee bit spotty.  There are three big factors that have caused this:

1.  I am currently in the middle of a move.  As I write this, the contents of my office are all packed up in boxed that surround me like a late-stage game of Tetris;

2.  Neal and I were also in Calgary at the end of April, where we launched a bunch of cool prints alongside Book 6.  (We’ll have more on these in the coming days.)  Needless to say, getting everything ready for this along with crossing the continent set us back in the buffer department;  Then, finally, most exciting of all,

3.  My wife and I are expecting a baby at the end of the summer.  Not only are there various appointments and such around that, but I have to put a greater emphasis on more lucrative contract work that ensure the requisite financial stability.

For the patient and understanding among you, thank you.  For the rest of you, I hope your hair goes greyer faster than mine currently is.

Stay funny, my friends.


  • Wow, good luck with all that, especially the new baby!

  • RidgetownRick

    Since my hair is already completely grey, guess I’ll just patiently wait for the next exciting panel. Congrats.

  • A Louise Lacaze

    I found your strip while running through some of my favorites. Im so happy I did.
    I wish you good luck and hope your wife has only a 5 minute labor 😉

  • Neal

    Thanks for the best wishes. I can report that we have successfully moved everything from one location to the other. Once Graham opens all the boxes, find his tools, and plugs everything in, we’ll be on our way again. In the meantime, enjoy the commission samples!