Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
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Small Victories

I have made it through the first months of parenthood, and I feel pretty good.  Sure, parts of parenthood really suck, but they are easily overshadowed by the pure beauty of new life.  I could go on about parenting, or I could go to bed.  I shall do the latter.  Anyways, after a rather long hiatus, I have a new PostScript for you, and a mostly-finished script for the next arc in the works.  I thank you for your patience as I have been MIA.  I have no idea what frequency new strips will appear over the next few months, but hey, I found time to finish a strip.  I’ll take the small victories, and look forward to future ones at whatever pace the come.

While we await the next strip, I will leave you with a new bit of material that my kid thinks is hilarious:

Blaaaahhh! Brup, brup, brup, brup. FART. Heh heh heh.

Is Book 6 in your future?

In the spring, before Graham moved, before Conventions and well before the baby arrived, we quietly published the Sixth PostScript Collection. How quiet? So quiet, that we (ahem, I) forgot to publish the fact on our website. We sold lots of copies at our Convention appearances this year.  If you missed picking up a copy when you saw us in person, or if you would like to add it to your collection today, by all means, go take a look at the book in our online shop.

You don’t have anything in your collection at all?  Conveniently, we can sell you the whole collection in one tidy package.

Introducing Baby Moogk-Soulis


I am excited to announce that my wife recently gave birth to a healthy and happy little baby.  The two of us are taking this time to revel in the wonder and beauty of new life.  I can tell you that Neal wears his new moniker of ‘Uncle’ particularly well, and he is quite happy to find any excuse to drop by for a visit.

You will have to patient as we take another little break from producing PostScript.  While Neal and I collaborate on the writing, I still do almost all the illustration myself.  Earlier this spring, when I was recovering from an onerous move, I thought a lot about the type of comic illustrations that I want to be producing.  Rather than lowering the quality of the illustration in order to keep up with a more frequent update schedule, I decided I would rather produce less-frequent, yet higher quality, strips.  Neal and I agreed that this approach should, naturally, extend to our writing.  I look forward to getting back to my writing desk and drawing board, but until then I have got a wondrous little being to gaze at.

On a side note: does a pay rate of twelve goldfish crackers per fully illustrated strips sound reasonable, or do you think I will be able to get away with offering only nine goldfish?