The Ever After of this Fairy Tale

We are proud to present Testing Day.  Testing Day is simultaneously the final PostScript story we are posting here online, and the first of the larger PostScript stories we will tell.

Three years ago, with a few exceptions, we stopped comic strip production. On the surface, three words sum up the story: “work”, “house”, and “baby”. Underneath, things were different. Life’s disruptions broke us from our routine. With the space this gave, we looked at all the creative projects we had shelved for years because we were doggedly producing strips. Some of those projects looked pretty good, so we decided to pursue them.

Along with finally wrapping Wand Thief–one should never go on hiatus one strip into a new arc–we have quietly worked on the aforementioned new projects offline, and you will see them in due course.  Testing Day, a story set in the world of PostScript, but one that breaks free of our traditional format. Testing Day is but a taste of our future plans. You can expect further projects with greater narrative and visual complexity than the online strip format allows.  They will not all be in the PostScript universe, they will not all be comics or picture books, and they will not all be funny, but they will be stories we hope you will enjoy.  We know we will enjoy them.

Starting next Wednesday, May 17th, and until Thursday, June 1st, we will post a page from Testing Day each weekday.  You will notice a significantly different format relative to previous PostScript strips, but we are confident you will like them.  After Testing Day is finished, we will maintain this site.  As we release new projects, we will let you know about them here, our Facebook page, Instagram, or via Graham and Neal’s Twitter feeds.

Despite our new direction, we are very proud of the strips that we produced over the years. It was fun, and we learned a lot. We hope you had fun, too.

Stay funny, friends.

– Graham and Neal

  • Stephen Reeves

    Glad you are all back, one way or another.