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Book 7 is for Sale + New Prints!

As Testing Day draws to a close, we are happy to tell you that you can now purchase the Seventh PostScript Collection online.  Whoo!  Like all the other PostScript books, this one is a beautifully printed, full-colour masterpiece.  Book 7 features Testing Day, and collects the final PostScript strips for your something-physical, support-the-creators, take-to-a-deserted-island, read-post-apocalypse book collection.  Yes, we said: “final PostScript strips”.  This is our last comic strip collection before we move onto other formats.  If you have the rest of the books, this is the time to complete your set, you diligent completest you.  If you have none yet, this is the time to get ’em all!

We have also added some new prints to the store.  For those who saw us in Calgary and Toronto or follow us on Facebook, you will be familiar with them.  For the rest of you, behold! (“Behold” is a link, you should click it now, and go check them out.)  We’re pretty proud of them.

All in all, we hope you enjoy our final offerings from PostScript Comic.  Next up: some pretty cool surprises.

Stay funny, friends.