Christmas Cards? We’ve Got You Covered (We’ll even send them for you)

Ah, yes, Christmas.  A time when some eagerly rush to stores for bargains, while others run away from it all.  As for ourselves, we sit comfortably in the middle with a cup of hot chocolate, loving the smell of pine bows, a wood fire, and good food.  I am known for a single tactical shopping trip that reliably takes between two and four hours.  One of my tricks: planning.  If you want to plan ahead, along with supporting a couple of cartoonists, you couldn’t go wrong with checking out the PostScript store.


One of the other rituals we enjoy is sending out Christmas cards, and each year we make our own.  The best part is we print extras so that you too can spread the irreverent PostScript cheer to your friends and family.  We have eight designs, including three from our “Twelve Days of Christmas” series.

The other night, we were talking about these same cards when, and maybe it was the late hour and maybe it was poor judgment, we joked that we could offer to send Christmas cards for people.  You give us a list of addresses, some messages, a letter to include, and we could do the rest.  I’d even forge your signature.  I got passably good at forging my parents’ signatures in grade school.

For the rest of you, visit our store and order your cards to send or books to give.  So, are we serious about sending your cards, or is this a bluff?  Click the contact button at the top of the page, and send us an email inquiry to find out.