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Obstruction on Bridge

Double Agent

Sweet Cheeks

The Rabbit’s Trial

Heroic Decisions

200th Strip Celebration Contest Results I would like to congratulate Mitch Sherratt for winning PostScript’s 200th Strip Celebration Contest.  He identified five out of twelve namesakes correctly which, given the difficulty of the contest, I consider a very good result.  I have long wanted to reveal the namesakes for my characters and a contest was […]

Quest Request

All Suited Up

Don’t miss the contest running to celebrate PostScript’s 200th strip.  Check out Tuesday’s post for details.

Comfortably Free

I am pleased to welcome you to the new PostScript site! An RSS feed and a store are scheduled for launch next Friday, and a sourcebook is to follow. More frequent comic updates are coming as soon as I catch my breath. If you are in the area on the weekend of the 20th and […]

They Must Pay

Score One for Shorty

Not a Failure

Desperate Plea

The Challenge

By Sword and Valour

Plan Ahead