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Change in the Air

Daily Miracle

Blind Ambition

Paternal Instincts


Secret Ingredient

PostScript Process: The making of a comic Check out the finished product: Them’s the Rules.


Banned Substance

My dear readers, I am successfully married and back from my honeymoon. For me that means I’m back to the whole ‘life’ thing. For you that means PostScript returns to regular updates. Enjoy. -Graham

Final Ingredient

New Rules

An Invitation

Double Agent

Sweet Cheeks

The Rabbit’s Trial

Heroic Decisions

200th Strip Celebration Contest Results I would like to congratulate Mitch Sherratt for winning PostScript’s 200th Strip Celebration Contest.  He identified five out of twelve namesakes correctly which, given the difficulty of the contest, I consider a very good result.  I have long wanted to reveal the namesakes for my characters and a contest was […]

Seriously Dumb

From Bad to Worse

Phil’s Apology

This strip continues Philip and Joan’s scrap in Fightin’ Words.  Check out the previous strip in this arc: Isn’t It Ironic?

Isn’t It Ironic?