Small Victories

I have made it through the first months of parenthood, and I feel pretty good.  Sure, parts of parenthood really suck, but they are easily overshadowed by the pure beauty of new life.  I could go on about parenting, or I could go to bed.  I shall do the latter.  Anyways, after a rather long hiatus, I have a new PostScript for you, and a mostly-finished script for the next arc in the works.  I thank you for your patience as I have been MIA.  I have no idea what frequency new strips will appear over the next few months, but hey, I found time to finish a strip.  I’ll take the small victories, and look forward to future ones at whatever pace the come.

While we await the next strip, I will leave you with a new bit of material that my kid thinks is hilarious:

Blaaaahhh! Brup, brup, brup, brup. FART. Heh heh heh.