Royal Medieval Faire 2012


The weather was perfect this year for the 2012 edition of Royal Medieval Faire. There was much frivolity, activity and little people running around. The volunteers outdid themselves in creating many activities to keep the little knights and princesses happy. Some played in the hay bales. For those who wanted to kick it up a notch, there were weapons and sparring partners to be had.


web_IMG_20120915_175157 For anyone who had an unfortunate incident with a sparring partner, errant knight or confused witch, there was the existential First Aid Tent.

It was great to see fans old and new at our tent next to the Queen of Hearts photo booth.

web_IMG_20120917_123518As always, we had a colouring contest for the little da Vinci’s. Congratulations to Sophia for here multi-coloured contribution. Sophia wins a family pass from the Waterloo Central Railway.Thanks to everyone who made the Royal Medieval Faire a success this time for the 15th year in a row. It takes a lot of volunteer effort to make something like this happen. Volunteers make the world go around and for that we are truly grateful.