Riddle Me This!

Here’s a question for you: What do you do to celebrate the launch of a new website, the launch of a new book, and a comic’s fifth anniversary?  You make an event of it, of course!  For today only, we’ll be chatting with you directly and giving you an awesome deal on a book set.

Wondering who would win in a cage match, Hansel or Gretel?  Wondering why Philip the dragon is generally incapable of breathing fire?  Wondering what you should do because your house is on fire?*  We’ve got your answers.  Just click the chat button on the right of the screen or wait for our message box to pop up.  We’re standing by with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks.

Oh, and that great deal I mentioned?  Along with getting one of the really cool, limited edition, animated prints of Red fighting the Big Bad Wolf, anyone who orders a Complete PostScript Book Set today gets to commission a piece of original art from yours truly.  That’s a Collectors Set for the price of a regular book set.  You get $1o.00 savings, or $16.00 if you consider what it would cost to buy everything separately.  With all these deals and perks, it’s like a Kickstarter campaign, without the seven months of not getting anything.

Thanks for joining us on our comic quest.  Chat with us, get your burning questions answered, take advantage of a great deal, and enjoy the new site.  We hope you are having fun.  We are, and we have been for five years.

Stay funny, friends.


*If your house is on fire, don’t actually send up a message, get out as fast as you can and go buy some marshmallows.