PostScript at FanExpo 2009


August 28th to 30th was an epic weekend.  My fiancée, Michelle, and I took PostScript to FanExpo at the Toronto Metro Convention Center, where tens of thousands of people packed the space to visit hundreds of exhibits.  I brought over 400 bookmarks with me, which, to my surprise, I ran out of 45 minutes into Sunday morning.  Along with a sighting of Leonard Nimoy I got to meet Sohmer and Lar, of Blind Ferret Entertainment, Least I Could Do (warning: this is for older readers) and Looking for Group.  I also shared my row with Matt Busch, famous for his Star Wars illustrations, and Caanan Grall, creator of Celadore, a very well written and illustrated online graphic novel where magic, hilarity, capitalism and vampires collide.

Cartooning is a solitary activity, so it was a pleasure to meet so many people.  I met some old fans, many new readers, saw lots of great costumes and I could not wipe a goofy grin off my face all weekend.  For more pictures visit the PostScript Comic fan page on Facebook.

I ran a caption contest at FanExpo that generated some very funny responses.  I had a hard time selecting a winner.  Below is what I feel to be the best caption, as submitted by Alexander Leach:


Honorable mentions include:

“I don’t care if she would have been eaten by the dragon!” – Adam Zimmer;

“Look, I’m sorry I dropped your cupcake, but it’s a 250 foot tower and your hair isn’t that long!” – Jody Haucke; and

“Sorry about the window, can we have our ball back?” – Antonio Belluardo.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and to everyone who swung by our booth.  I had a blast at FanExpo, see you all there next year.

Stay funny.