PostScript at Enchanted Ground 2010


CIMG2807-3June 18th to 20th Enchanted Ground, the Guelph Ontario Faery Fest, celebrated five years of wings and wands.  I was there with the PostScript tent taking in the fun and entertainment.  I made some new friends and caught up with some old ones.  Gurmok (aka Jeff Blakeney, above) greeted me in his friendly way with a snarl and the traditional trollish club-brandishing bridge pursuit.  My feathered friend (right) nearly honored me with a poop on my sandaled foot.  Apparently, I came within an inch of good luck.

Caption Contest Winner

Debbie stopped by the tent and submitted the above line to the caption contest.  While there were many great entries, I like hers best because it draws upon, and stays truest to, the fable of the tortoise and the hare.  Congratulations Debbie, you won yourself a print of the above image along with the original art for the piece.  There were some other tortoise and hare references that came close to winning the caption contest.  They made me realize it’s high time I wrote a tortoise and hare storyline in PostScript.

GFF Colouring Contest Winner

My congratulations also go to Amanda who won the colouring contest.  She won herself a family pass on the tourist train at the Waterloo Central Railway. You can find more pictures from Enchanted Ground, pictures from past events and other bonus stuff on the Facebook fan page for PostScript Comic.

Stay funny.