Introducing Baby Moogk-Soulis

I am excited to announce that my wife recently gave birth to a healthy and happy little baby.  The two of us are taking this time to revel in the wonder and beauty of new life.  I can tell you that Neal wears his new moniker of ‘Uncle’ particularly well, and he is quite happy to find any excuse to drop by for a visit.

You will have to patient as we take another little break from producing PostScript.  While Neal and I collaborate on the writing, I still do almost all the illustration myself.  Earlier this spring, when I was recovering from an onerous move, I thought a lot about the type of comic illustrations that I want to be producing.  Rather than lowering the quality of the illustration in order to keep up with a more frequent update schedule, I decided I would rather produce less-frequent, yet higher quality, strips.  Neal and I agreed that this approach should, naturally, extend to our writing.  I look forward to getting back to my writing desk and drawing board, but until then I have got a wondrous little being to gaze at.

On a side note: does a pay rate of twelve goldfish crackers per fully illustrated strips sound reasonable, or do you think I will be able to get away with offering only nine goldfish?