Gone Sailing

When we aren’t cartooning, we’re sailing.  Not, khaki-shorts-and-champagne sailing, but a quick and intense kind of sailing in what’s called an International 14 dingy that involves equal parts adrenaline and carbon fibre repair.  We are currently competing at the World Championships, so PostScript will take a short break.  In the mean time, here is some recently shot footage from the first day of the fleet racing:

PostScript will be back on the 27th.  In the mean time, stay funny, my friends.

Editor’s Note: While this post was originally made on the 15th, a glitch held it back until now.  We apologize and hope you still love us.  We still love you–or at least really really like you, if that’s more in your comfort zone.

Another note: We didn’t break anything on ourselves or dislocate and major drawing appendages this time.  Drawing has resumed as planned.