FanExpo Canada 2014


We’re gearing up for the craziest weekend of the summer: FanExpo Canada in Toronto.  If you plan to be there, drop by our booth, P124 to say “Hello” and buy some merchandise.  We’ll peddle books, prints, commissions and first-born children to the highest bidder.

Speaking of first-born children, Graham’s wife is due to present the world with a mini-Graham (or a mini-her, it could go either way) very soon.  This means that while I will be there all weekend long, Graham could get called home on very short notice during the show leaving me and our good friend Luke behind.

If you’re in the area, but didn’t know about FanExpo, drop by Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre to see the action including 75,000 people, one William Shatner, one Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee (or his clones, we’re not sure) and host of other creators, actors and celebrities.  Advance ticket sales end today.

See you there!