Fan Expo Canada, 2012

IMG_20120826_112902We survived another Fan Expo, despite the errant Daleks. We had a great time seeing everyone and meeting new people. Fan Expo 2012 set a new record with over 80,000 people in attendance between Thursday and Sunday. Many of those people walked past our booth and picked up one of our fine, hand-made (by a machine operated by someone else’s hands) bookmarks. We were happy to help our fans add to their collection.

We even hosted a panel, “How to break into comics the non-traditional way” with our friends Caanan Grall, Mike Boldt, Keith Grachow and Khris Waddell. The moral of the story: nothing in life is easy; you must work hard and you never know when you’ll get a chance to work in comics. These days, not everyone has to work for the big boys to make it (though the pay cheques are better). Next time we do a panel, we would like to find out from the convention organizers we were hosting it some way other than by reading the program three hours before we were supposed to be behind the microphones.

We had a good turnout for our caption contest this year. The winning entry was Natalie Wanona with the following caption:

Balls of Fire-web

Then, on the way home, we captured the following picture. The light refracting through the windshield proved that where we we’re going we don’t need Instagram.


Stay funny, friends.
-Graham and Neal