Fan Expo Canada 2011

Wall of Comics

This year’s theme at Toronto’s FanExpo Canada 2011 was “Bigger than last year, now with more flavour!” The Expo returned to the south building and we once again shared table space with Caanan Grall of Occasional Comics. We were directly across from the Marvel booth which meant we got to see lots of X-Men, Thors and other Marvel costumes that we didn’t recognize. The best part was when Marvel held a costume contest and smallest kids showed up as Catwoman, Bat Girl and Robin.


The Expo was four days long from Thursday, August 25 through Sunday, August 28. This gave us lots of chances to meet new fans to put a face to our existing readers. The extra day also allowed more than 50 people to enter our caption contest. It was a very strong field this year and we had a tough time picking a winner. In the end we picked “Hanging by a hare,” by John Stong. We picked his caption for its brevity and great pun.

Three honourable mentions were:Kermit

“Are you sure this is the shortcut into Fan Expo?” –A.J.

“Good thing your coat is brown.” –Tom Deadic

“It’s bungee jumping not bunny jumping.” –Trish Butler

Special guests this year included William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Tom Felton (Malfoy), Jeff Smith (author of the Bone series), and Kermit (frog). We got a few chances to sneak away from our booth to attend a workshop, see someone famous or be tempted by all the things that were for sale.

We’ll see you next year!