Fan Expo Canada, 2010


boothThis was my second year at Toronto’s Fan Expo Canada.  Fan Expo is a convention that combines comics, anime, games and horror all in one amazing weekend.  Just like last time, it was a blast.  I split a booth with Caanan Grall while my brother, Neal, and my wife, Michelle, proved  invaluable when it came to running our half of the table.  We got to meet readers old and new and handed out about 1,800 bookmarks to our booth’s visitors.  I also did so many interviews that I lost track of them all.  It was a great weekend.  Oh, and did I mention that we were across from DC and Tron and just down the aisle from Hasbro and Marvel?  Yeah, it was pretty cool.

The only downside was that the venue, the Toronto Metro Convention Center’s North Building, was too small.  I liked many things about the North Building, like the natural light from the glass wall along the entire front face.  That said, not everyone could get in and, once inside, foot traffic was a logistical nightmare.  One restocking run saw me running up a forgotten down escalator because the main escalators were severely backed up.  Fear not future attendees, organizers promise that next year we will be taking over the entire expanse of the South Building.


As always, I ran a caption contest.  The overwhelming response gave Neal, Michelle and me much sort through and chuckle about on the drive home.  Heather Emme submitted the above caption.  She won the original line art used for the image and a coloured print with her caption filled in.  Congratulations Heather!

There are also honourable mentions:

“What has been seen in there can never be unseen.” –Jessica Rhind

“I guess it’s better than those crappy doves.” –Lisa Lisoumb

There is also my wife’s favorite that had her giggling so much she had trouble staying on the highway:

“Sorting hat says: consider yourself sorted.” –Anon.

All in all, we had a great time at Fan Expo this year.  Find more photos from Fan Expo 2010 on PostScript’s Fan Page.  See you at Fan Expo next year.

Stay funny.