Sisyphus Sisyphus is a long-suffering pig hounded by his brothers. Taken together, nothing goes right. He comforts himself with a warm glass of milk and the leg off of a nearby gingerbread cookie.
Quintin Quentin draws satisfaction from mooching off of his brother’s generosity.
Rene René is a pig of few words. He enjoys a good pipe and lets other do the talking.
Ginger Ginger is a smart cookie held back by the company that he keeps. Given enough egg white, he can raise an army of millions. Sadly, an egg embargo keeps his world domination plans at bay.
Red Red is a girl of big heart. She looks after her grandmother.
Gran Gran, despite her grandaughter’s efforts, can look after herself thank you very much. She wields a mean axe.
Barrett Barrett thought that he was a an ordinary mouse, which he is, except that he can talk. Given that most other animals can talk, he really is quite ordinary.
Thomas Thomas, a white rabbit, can always be counted on in the hour of need to develop a need to be elsewhere.
Ogion Ogion is the resident wizard who keeps an eye on the good folks of this world. He is well known for his cooking skills.
Archimedes Archimedes is quite surprised that no one has yet been killed by Ogion’s cooking. Otherwise, he keeps one eye on Ogion and another on Thomas to keep everyone safe.
Joan Joan is a modern woman. She lives with Phillip in a cave with chintz curtains. She can return as good as she gets, including marriage proposals.
Philip Phillip rescued Joan and now wishes that someone would rescue him.
Liz Momma Bear keeps watch on Poppa Bear and Cal. If you’re not careful, she’ll knock the stuffing out of unsuspecting bears for a basket of blueberries.
Poppa Poppa Bear wonders sometimes when he’ll get some respect and maybe a bigger role to play in the forest. Being Theta Male sucks.
Cal Cal can’t remember why his parents don’t like Goldilocks. All he knows is that his memory is tooo foggy about the whole thing. His parent’s think that that’s juuuust right.
goldie Goldie just wants to be loved. Unfortunately, her bossy and selfish personality often gets in the way.
Richard Richard is a resident lone wolf. He would be more of a social animal if there were more large, ferocious carnivores that lived in the area.
Theodore Theodore is a teddy bear who is first among equals, or at least until the next vote of the League of Extraordinary Teddy Bears. At that point he will rise up, knock the stuffing out of his rivals and declare himself the Teddy Bear King. Or so he dreams.
Cleo Cleo makes a living pulling other people out of tough situations. That is, if by living you mean risking your life to pull your hare-brained friends out of yet another owl-and-mouse scheme. And not getting paid. But hey, it’s a living.
Roland Roland wishes he had someone to save since Joan looks after herself. His first quest is to find a quest.
Sancho Sancho is Roland’s faithful squire. He is destined to support himself and Roland acting as a bookie, or alternately betting against Roland’s chances.