Calgary Comic and Entertainment Exposition 2012

This was the convention of the double rainbow. Our nearly three hour delay in Waterloo was brightened by a double rainbow on Thursday. When we emerged, blinking, from the depths of Calgary’s BMO Centre into the bright Sunday, we were greeted by another rainbow. From the exhibitor side, the convention ran smoothly. For our first time in Calgary, we had an excellent response when we met new and emerging fans.

Thanks to our inestimable host Caanan Grall, his lovely wife Erin and two cats made sure that we had a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Among other great folks, we had a chance to connect with Mike Boldt and Justin Currie. We did not, sadly, plunk down some serious cash to meet the complete Season 1 cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation to mark its 25th Anniversary. We figured we would wait until the 50th anniversary.  Below is a photo of how close as we got to the season 1 cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

As close as we got to the season 1 cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Our CalgaryExpo caption contest was, as always, fun to run.  Below is the winning caption, as submitted by Alan Abelsen:

Hiding Pinocchio-Abelsen

Here are our Calgary lessons:

1. Always check your flight status before you leave for the airport.

2. Always bring lots of cash to the convention floor.

3. Any bad situation can be fixed with enough management.

4. Last year’s Expo surprise is this year’s cute baby in a costume.

We had a great time but, by the end, like these two puppies who were at the expo with the Humane Society, we were dog tired.

By the end, we were dog tired