Archie in the news

Graham and I grew up with Archie Comics. Every time my dad came back from a business trip, I got a new Archie Comic. By the time he stopped traveling, my comic collection had grown to over 100 titles…but that’s another story.
I drifted away from Archie Comics about the same time that I began high school and then began to re-read them a couple years ago. It was definitely a bit of a change since the last time I read an Archie Comic, I was a young reader who hadn’t been to high school and now I was an adult who was reading stories about characters who were in theory, much younger than I was.
Changes come to everything. When I heard about Archie getting married in 2010, my first reaction was, “How big was the shark and how far will they be jumping?“. I later had a chance to read some of the “Life with Archie” series and I was pretty impressed. The gang at Archie Comics came up with sensitive ways to move the gang forward while staying true to their characters.
The “Life with Archie” series will wrap up when Archie takes a bullet for friend. Talk about going out with a bang.
In an odd twist, Archie Comics is advertising another story line for sale at the same time as “The Death of Archie”
“Afterlife with Archie”.
I kid you not.